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Welcome to Smart Digital Futures 2015

Smart Digital Futures 2015 is a multi-conference event co-locating four conferences on leading edge smart systems topics in a beautiful location.

One conference fee gives you entry to four high-quality conferences on Intelligent Decision Technologies, Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services, Agent and Multi-agent Systems and Smart Technology-based Education and Training, and a paper published in one set of proceedings.

The conferences ....

Agents and Multi-agent Systems Technologies and Applications

KES-AMSTA-2015 is an established international scientific conference providing a respected forum for presenting the results of scientific research in the technologies and applications of agent and multi-agent systems.

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Intelligent Decision Technologies

KES-IDT-15 is an international scientific conference for research in the area of intelligent decision technologies with subjects considering theory and application. This conference is dedicated to techniques that improve decision making using intelligent paradigms and other methods.

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Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services

IIMSS-15 is an international scientific symposium for research in the fields of intelligent interactive multimedia systems and services. Multimedia Systems refer to the coordinated storage, processing, transmission and retrieval of multiple forms of information, such as audio, image, video, animation, graphics, and text. The aim of the conference is to provide an internationally respected forum for scientific research in the technologies and applications of this exciting area.

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Smart Education and E-Learning (previously STET)

SEEL-2015 is a major international forum for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, technologies, systems, findings and outcomes of research and design and development projects in the emerging area of smart technology and its applications in education and training.

The SEEL conference serves as a new and innovative incubator for smart technology, smart systems and smart education/training.

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KES Multi-theme Conference

Hilton Sorrento Palace, Italy
17-19 June 2015